Huan Long


Associate Professor
John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science
and Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Interests

主要研究兴趣是理论计算机科学,具体包括并行理论,进程演算及其应用 无限状态系统验证算法研究 数据科学的数学基础

Selected Publications

Qiang Yin, Xian Xu, Huan Long: On Parameterization in Higher-Order Process Caluli. International Journal of Computer Mahtematics. 1-32, 2016.

Xian Xu, Qiang Yin, Huan Long: On the Computation Power of Name Parameterization in Higher-order Processes. S. Knight, I. Lanese, A. Lluch Lafuente and H.T. Vieira(Eds.): ICE2015, EPTCS 189, 114-127, 2015.

Xian Xu, Huan Long: A logical characterization for linear higher-orderprocesses, Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science), 2014.

Huan Long, Yuxi Fu: How faithfully can π be interpreted in SA? SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences 56(3): 1-15 (2013)

Jianxin Xue, Huan Long, Guoqiang Li: An Improved Full Abstraction Approach to Analyzing Locality Semantics. TASE 2012: 101-108.

Xian Xu, Qiang Yin and Huan Long.On the Expressiveness of Parameterization in Process-passing. E. Tuosto and C. Ouyang (Eds.): WS-FM 2013, LNCS 8379, pp.147–167, 2014.

Qiang Yin and Huan Long. Process passing calculus, revisited, Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science) 18 (1) (2013) 29–36.

Hao Huang and Huan Long, “Decidable Logic in the Design of Functional Languages,” Proceeding ICCSNT 2012 Proceedings of the international conference on Computer Science and Network Technology, IEEEXplore. 261-265.


Huan Long, Yuxi Fu: A general approach for building combinational P automata. International Journal of Computer Mahtematics 84(12): 1715-1730 (2007).

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