Nana Liu


2016 University of Oxford, PhD in Theoretical Physics, Atomic and Laser Physics 

Advisor: Prof. Vlatko Vedral, Thesis examiners: Prof. Artur Ekert and Prof. Caslav Brukner   

2011 University of Melbourne, Master of Science in Physics   

2009 University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science (Major Pure Maths) 

2006 MacRobertson Girls' High School and University of Melbourne Extension Programme (Physics) 

Research Interests

Quantum computing, continuous variable quantum systems, quantum machine learning 

Selected Publications

All are first author papers and/or corresponding author 

• 2018 Nana Liu, Tommaso Demarie, Si-Hui Tan, Leandro Aolita, Joseph Fitzsimons, Client-friendly continuous-variable blind and verifiable quantum computing, 
ArXiv: 1806.09137 
• 2018 Nana Liu, Patrick Rebentrost, Quantum machine learning for quantum anomaly detection, Physical Review A, Vol 97, 042315, ArXiv: 1710.07405 2017 
• 2017 Thomas Elliot, Mile Gu, Jayne Thompson, Nana Liu, Continuous variable qumodes as non-destructive probes of quantum systems, ArXiv: 1707.04250 
• 2017 Nana Liu, Hugo Cable, Quantum-enhanced multi-parameter estimation for unitary photonic systems, Quantum Science and Technology, Vol 2, No. 2, ArXiv: 1612.03621 
• 2016 Nana Liu, Power of photonic states: from computation to cosmology, PhD Thesis Oxford, ArXiv: 1607.01057 
• 2016 Nana Liu, Jayne Thompson, Christian Weedbrook, Seth Lloyd, Vlatko Vedral, Mile Gu, Kavan Modi, Power of one qumode for quantum computation, Physical Review A, Vol 93, 052304, ArXiv: 1510. 04758 
• 2016 Nana Liu, John Goold, Ivette Fuentes, Vlatko Vedral, Kavan Modi, David E. Bruschi, Quantum thermodynamics for a model of an expanding universe, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Vol 33, No. 3, ArXiv: 1409.5283 

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