Big Data Mining

Course Code



Spring 2019


Weinan Zhang, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)

John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Big data driven techniques have been revolutionizing various aspects of our daily life. Big data means not only big volume but also high dimension and diversity. How to collect, represent, process and compute so as to successfully mine valuable patterns and acquire benefit from the big data is a fundamental challenge to both academia and industry.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction of the fundamental problems and methodologies of big data mining. The organization of the course would be application oriented, which helps SEIEE students get familar with various data mining tasks and basic solutions. Via lectures, hands-on courseworks and poster presentations, the students are expected to acquire the basic theory, algorithms, and some practice experience of big data mining techniques. It would also help students find their interested research topics, which could benefit their further graduate study and industrial practice.

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