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On the Convergence of the TTL Approximation for an LRU Cache under Independent Stationary Request Processes 
Bo Jiang, Philippe Nain, Don Towsley 
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems, Voume 3, Issue 4, Article 20, September 2018.

On a Class of Stochastic Multilayer Networks 
Bo Jiang, Philippe Nain, Don Towsley, Saikat Guha
PACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (SIGMETRICS), Volume 2, Number 1, Article 18, March 2018.

Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks
Quanshi Zhang, Ying Nian Wu, and Song-Chun Zhu
CVPR (Spotlight) 2018 

Interpreting CNN Knowledge via an Explanatory Graph
Quanshi Zhang, Ruiming Cao, Feng Shi, Ying Nian Wu, and Song-Chun Zhu
AAAI, 2018

Examining CNN Representations with respect to Dataset Bias
Quanshi Zhang, Wenguan Wang, and Song-Chun Zhu
AAAI, 2018

Visual interpretability for Deep Learning: a Survey
Quanshi Zhang and Song-Chun Zhu
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering. Vol. 19, No. 1, page 27-39, 2018

Mining Deep And-Or Object Structures via Cost-Sensitive Question-Answer-Based Active Annotations
Quanshi Zhang, Ying Nian Wu, Hao Zhang, and Song-Chun Zhu
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol. 176-177, page 33-44, 2018

VST-Floyd: A Separation Logic Tool to Verify Correctness of C Programs
Qinxiang Cao, Lennart Beringer, Samuel Gruetter, Josiah Dodds and Andrew W. Appel.
Journal of Automatic Reasoning (JAR) 2018. 

Client-friendly continuous-variable blind and verifiable quantum computing
Nana Liu, Tommaso Demarie, Si-Hui Tan, Leandro Aolita, Joseph Fitzsimons
ArXiv: 1806.09137, 2018 

Quantum machine learning for quantum anomaly detection
Nana Liu, Patrick Rebentrost, , Physical Review A
Vol 97, 042315, ArXiv: 1710.07405, 2018


Counting hypergraph colorings in the local lemma regime
Chihao Zhang, Heng Guo, Chao Liao and Pinyan Lu.
In Proceedings of the 50th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC'18), pp.926-938, 2018

Learning Multi-touch Conversion Attribution with Dual-attention Mechanisms for Online Advertising 
Kan Ren, Yuchen Fang, Weinan Zhang, Shuhao Liu, Jiajun Li, Ya Zhang, Yong Yu, Jun Wang 
CIKM 2018.   

Mean Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning 
Yaodong Yang, Rui Luo, Minne Li, Ming Zhou, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang 
ICML 2018.   

Product-based Neural Networks for User Response Prediction over Multi-field Categorical Data 
Yanru Qu, Bohui Fang, Weinan Zhang, Ruiming Tang, Minzhe Niu, Huifeng Guo, Yong Yu, Xiuqiang He 
TOIS 2018.   

A Neural Stochastic Volatility Model 
Rui Luo, Weinan Zhang, Xiaojun Xu, Jun Wang 
AAAI 2018.   

Long Text Generation via Adversarial Training with Leaked Information 
Jiaxian Guo, Sidi Lu, Han Cai, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, Jun Wang 
AAAI 2018.   

Efficient Architecture Search by Network Transformation 
Han Cai, Tianyao Chen, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, Jun Wang 
AAAI 2018.   

GraphGAN: Graph Representation Learning with Generative Adversarial Nets 
Hongwei Wang, Jia Wang, Jialin Wang, Miao Zhao, Weinan Zhang, Fuzheng Zhang, Xing Xie, Minyi Guo 
AAAI 2018.   

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