CS3334: Advanced Combinatorics

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fall 2022


Course Information

InstructorKuan Yang
Lecture timesTuesday 12:55 - 15:40    (Week 1 - 16)
LocationEast Lower Hall 111 (东下院 111)
Teaching assistant(s)Weihao Zhu (朱玮昊)
Office hoursThursday 14:00 - 16:00 at Room 1402, School of Software

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Textbook and References


1. Basic topics in extremal graph theory
2. The probabilistic method
3. The linear algebra method
4. Highlights in recent years


Lecture Schedule

WeekDateTopicsLecture notesHomework
109/13Introduction to the course,
pigeonhole principle, Ramsey theory
Lecture 01 / manuscript 
209/20Ramsey cont'd, double counting,
Sperner's lemma and cake cutting,
forbidden -cycle and forbidden
Lecture 02 / manuscriptHW1
309/27Introduction to the probabilistic methodLecture 03 / manuscriptHW2
410/08Linearity of expectation, applications
to incidence geometry, extremal set
systems, Turán's theorem revisit
Lecture 04 / manuscript 
510/11Alteration, second moment method,
Weierstrass' approximation theorem
Lecture 05 / manuscriptHW3
610/18Thresholds of graph propertiesLecture 06 / manuscriptHW4
710/25Clique and chromatic number in
, martingale concentration,
Chernoff bound, Lovász local lemma
Lecture 07 / manuscriptHW5
811/01Local lemma, Moser-Tardos algorithmLecture 08 / manuscript 
911/08Moser's original proof, entropy functionLecture 09 / manuscriptHW6
1011/15Shannon's source coding theorem,
Szemerédi's regularity lemma
Lecture 10 / manuscript 
1111/22Application of regularity lemma,
introduction to container method
Lecture 11 / manuscript 
1211/29Basic algebraic method, intersecting
set family, graph decomposition
Lecture 12 / manuscriptHW7
1312/06Eigenvalues of graphs, friendship
theorem, Petersen graph, Moore graph
Lecture 13 / manuscript 
1412/13Polynomial method, Schwartz-Zippel
lemma, finite field Kakeya problem
Lecture 14 / manuscriptHW8
1512/20Combinatorial NullstellensatzLecture 15 / manuscript 
1612/27Error correcting codes, list decoding,
sensitivity conjecture, interlacing theorem
Lecture 16 / manuscript